Kitchen - Sandspit project

Kitchen – Sandspit

Kitchen Renovation - Sandspit

In this Sandspit kitchen design, re-designing was not an easy feat.

The former kitchen in this sandspit home, was dated and impractical for the clients as there was no connectivity to the living areas or panoramic views and required a new entrance and foyer as well as a place to display the client’s art. The clients wanted a relaxed kitchen to appear as an artistic statement that would cater for all of the things they enjoy.

To relocate the kitchen to maximise the view within the hexagonal shaped space, and to include causal seating and dining areas.
Structural supporting posts to deal with, situated in the midpoint of the proposed island location, ceiling pitch and height differentials.
The weight & complexities of fabricating the massive Stainless Steel Island benchtop; transporting and installing it in one piece to its rural location without warping or twisting.

Reinterpreting the clients’ alfresco living style in a creative fashion the Celia installed a new wall dividing the entrance & living areas. Incorporating a strategically placed kitchen to allow for a multi functional space to evolve, seamlessly integrating the room as a culinary, living, and gathering space.
The palette was inspired to capture the room’s serene elegance, sleek yet organic feel, and sea vistas. Crisp white tones paired with the subtle finish of the bead blasted plate Stainless Steel & distinctive veneer merged the essence of the room by day, while mood lighting transforms the evening ambience and the ever-changingemotions the space required.
This result is a balance between luxurious simplicity, comfort with a bit of soul.
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Kitchen Island Design - Sandspit Auckland
Kitchen Island Design - Sandspit Auckland
Kitchen Renovation Design - Sandspit Auckland
Kitchen Renovation Design - Sandspit Auckland
Kitchen Wall Unit Design - Sandspit Auckland
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