Our design expertise extends to so much more than just kitchens and bathrooms. Put simply we are interior designers.

We are well-known for our bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, however every client’s requirements are unique and our expertise extends to so much more than just these spaces.

With competence and flair, we can implement the entire project from design right through to final installation, collaborating with architects and other key specialists to ensure that the approved designs are implemented to the highest standard and in a timely manner.

Keeping trust and honesty at the core of all of our business activities promotes a close working relationship with each of our clients.


  • Spatial Design: Residential and Commercial
  • Design: kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, laundries, offices, entertainment centers, whole homes interior architecture
  • Interior design: exterior & interior colours schemes, furnishings, window treatments, flooring, accessorising
  • Product sourcing and procurement
  • Specifications
  • Quotations
  • Sub-trades – sourcing the required trades necessary
  • Collaborating with architects and engineers
  • Council consent requirements: working with council approved specialists
  • Oversee the manufacture of custom cabinetry and furniture
  • Co-ordinate the installation & source trades required to complete the project

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Spatial Design

Spatial design is a blend of architecture and interior design. Celia Visser Design take a well-resolved balance between style & functionality.

We see the bigger picture

Spatial design, what does this entail you may ask?  Any company can come in and renovate your kitchen with the latest colours, but at Celia Visser Design, we not only look at the where your current kitchen is located, but the surrounding spaces as well.

Sometimes even the placement of your current kitchen or bathroom does not meet your families needs, or it does not do justice to the surrounding spaces.  This is where spatial design is so important when you are looking at re-designing your current space.

We collaborate with you to enhance the composition and character of rooms, and resolve deficiencies in the original construction or design.  Our designs will transform your space by improving layout, increasing usability and assisting flow.  But not only this, our designs will bring the wow factor to your home.

Structural challenges are not a problem; we welcome the chance to devise creative individual solutions to sometimes very demanding problems, while maximising the value of your property and enhancing your living spaces.


Your kitchen is a place to cook, chat and interact.
It’s the social heart of your home and the centre of attention.

Our kitchen design service extend from Inspiration to Installation, let us design your dream kitchen…

Kitchens today are still the heart of the home, but they are also the social hub and therefore are designed as a multi-zoned space.  The perfect place for year-round cooking and living, where friends and family can congregate.

To create the kitchen that’s exactly right for you, we take time to understand you and your family, your routines and individual needs – then we shape structures and design the perfect layout and details that make living easier, and more enjoyable to work in.

At Celia Visser Design we have proved time and again that we have an innate ability to design one-off kitchen designs of any style, that are both practical and aesthetically stunning.

For over 25 years Celia, qualified kitchen designer (CKDNZ), has envisaged bespoke kitchen designs and ensured that the installation is executed accurately, along with our many clients.  Our dedicated team will liaise with site contractors and consultants to ensure that each and every design is made to our detailed specifications. 

Dream of the possibilities for your space, while looking at our stunning kitchens projects above.  Or visit our gallery page to inspire your imagination.


Imagine your personal sanctuary, where you can escape life's everyday demands. An idyllic haven where you can step away from the hectic world.

Let our bathroom design services open your eyes to your bathroom’s hidden potential…

Bathrooms don’t usually get much attention or fanfare, but its one of the more intimate spaces in your home that needs careful design and consideration.

At Celia Visser Design we love creating bathrooms for clients in Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Islands that suit every family member. Whether it’s a sensuous master ensuite, versatile guest bathroom, dramatic powder room, or a practical fun kids’ bathroom, each space has to be designed for its unique purpose.  Whether your style evokes a classic tradition or you prefer ultra modern, every bathroom we design is for your utmost enjoyment.  bathroom design services

Bathrooms are the ultimate test for an interior designer.  They can involve up to 12 different trades and present many challenges – water, electricity, heat, light, moisture, space and ergonomics as well as the many council consent requirements.

Celia is a qualified bathroom designer with many years of experience. She believes that bathrooms should be functional and a private place to relax, rejuvenate and rebalance your mind body and soul— a special retreat – this is what a bathroom ought to be.

Browse our gallery of bathrooms above to see how we combine aesthetics with practicality to create the ultimate inner sanctums.

Utility Room

Laundries, offices, dressing rooms and utility spaces can be aesthetically appealing as well as efficient.

Form & Function…

Our spatial design experience really comes into play when we’re designing practical spaces, such as laundries, offices, utility rooms and wardrobes.

By working with Celia Visser Design, not only can you expect a result that makes daily tasks easier, you’ll also enjoy the special luxury touches that come with bespoke design.

Investigate the images above to see how we approach practical spaces.


  • Laundries
  • Dressing rooms and wardrobes
  • Garage storage
  • Craft rooms
  • Offices
  • Bars, wine cellars and entertainment centres
  • Media rooms
Interior Design

Our interior design expertise can be applied to your entire home, including outdoor living areas.

Boutique interior design services to create the kind of interiors you’ve only dreamed about…

Working with clients in Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Islands, we have the talent & vision to create a truly bespoke space with an intrinsic feeling of luxury and aesthetics that will endure for many years to come.

Whether it is only a colour scheme or a complete re-modeling to revive your home, Celia Visser Design’s award-winning team draws on your lifestyle, personal tastes and aspirations to create a beautiful, relaxing space to come home to.

Celia Visser Design can optimise your property by specifying and procuring furnishings, window treatments, flooring, lighting and accessories for the discerning clients who want a sophisticated and elegant way of life, either casual or formal.

Outdoor Living

We design extraordinary outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and spa areas. You’ll enjoy exceptional form, function and fresh air.

Creating an outdoor living area is an easy way to extend your home…

It also lets you embrace your love of the outdoors, which is comfortable for up to nine months of the year in New Zealand.

Whether you’d like a fully-functioning outdoor kitchen, entertaining areas, or a spa retreat under the stars, we’ll use our spatial and design expertise to ensure it’s a magnificent addition to your home.

We work closely with Landacape architects to ensure a cohesive overall design with great ambience.