Kitchen - Remuera project

Kitchen – Remuera

NKBA Winner of 2015 Regional bathroom design

This contemporary kitchen design in Remuera was winner of the NKBA Auckland Regional Kitchen Design 2015.


The confined kitchen in the clients newly purchased contemporary home was a major stumbling block to the owner’s enjoyment of the home, so they engaged the designer to look at possible solutions. 
Anticipating the families’ present and future needs confirmed the decision to relocate the kitchen to another area and transform the room into a sophisticated multi use space…


The design constraint was working within the existing architectural envelope of the new room with the least amount of damage to existing walls. The kitchen’s new location was lower than existing wastewater and plumbing level.
Working with two floor & ceiling levels.


The vision was to allow the kitchen, dining and family room to work as one space, thus overcoming the constraints of the split-levels. A wastewater pump was installed in the island & wiring was laid in the bulkhead and electrical chases in cabinetry to prevent damage to walls.  
The outlook was an important design element so a mirrored splashback was used to allow the landscape to be viewed from every angle of the space, reflectively while being seated or directly from the sink.
Bright yellow against a backdrop of pure white challenged the conventional forms of the turned table legs and hints of colour adorned some cabinets adding a mischievous dimension to the design. The pattern of the pressed tin added to the eclectic nature of this striking modernist kitchen, transforming the room into a whimsical space of fun andjoy, a wonderful place to live, cook & socialise.


Celia is an inspirational designer.  She thinks outside the square, delivering designs that WOW!  She worked collaboratively with me, taking my ideas into consideration, while quietly encouraging me to stretch slightly outside my comfort zone.
The result has transformed our home.

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