Bathroom - Remuera project

Bathroom – Remuera

Award Winning Bathroom Design 2018


These  clients  asked CVD to redesign and renovate their ensuite in their architectural home in a creative way that expressed their unique taste incorporating their favourite colour blue.


Their immediate concerns were the existing leaking toilet and the timeworn vanity. The existing plan was redesigned as the clients needed extra storage and a larger shower.  The bathroom door prohibited increasing the shower size because of the position of the Existing HTR, by reversing it, I gained more space to enlarge the shower and reposition the heated towel rails. The leaky toilet was replaced with all new fixtures.
Utilising  the  full width  of  the room  for  the vanity  enabled  me to  design  the bathroom furniture with two functional spaces; the  washing  area and  storage  area. The  granite ledge  running below merges  the  two areas.  To  give maximum  impact, the wall to wall  ledge and vanity top were specified in a striking  granite, Azure Bahia creating  something sculptural that spoke to the clients individuality. The deep ink blue  cabinetry co-ordinates with the granite and adds to the drama of the  space
For all other surfaces, CVD specified large beige format tiles, for easy maintenance.  This created a neutral canvas for the dark blue vanity focal point. The vanity was further enhanced with an oversized round LED mirror, which provided a departure from the square shapes within the room.
To accent the ensuite, feature strip lights were recessed under the granite ledge. These washed the floor with a warm light.  The LED in the bulkhead above created a ray of light that enhanced the textures and finishes in the room.
The clients were thrilled with the final result. The bathroom became an extension of their passion for art and design, while providing a functional space that fit all of their needs.

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Remuera Bathroom Design
Bathroom design - Remuera Auckland
Remuera Bathroom - TIDA Award Winner & NKBA Award Winner
Award winning Bathroom Design
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