Ensuite - Sandspit project

Ensuite – Sandspit

Winner of NKBA 2015 - CDS Best Bathroom Design 2015

In this ensuite renovation in sandspit, the client desired a room with timeless elegance and simplicity in keeping with the planned alterations to their 1980s rural home.
The main challenge was the size limitations of the space balanced with the client desires and needs & to balance proportions of the room..
Simple forms of the rectangle, square and the oval inspired the solution. The focal point was a custom designed timber oblong vanity that emulates a table. The asymmetrical timber drawer was designed with the left side open to create a sense of space and to show off the feature rectangle tile that ran from the entrance doorway across the horizontal plane and onto the adjacent vertical wall, drawing your eye up and opening theroom without protruding into or overpowering the room.
The spectacular elliptical basin and tap ware were chosen to enhance the appeal of the asymmetrical form, making a statement piece atop the table.
The toilet was placed behind the door in such a way that it isn’t your first point of view in the room. As requested by the clients, a large open shower was designed to one side of the bathroom, the glass paneldividing the shower and the rest of the room, was left clear so as to increase the feeling of space and openness.
A contemporary, simple pendant in front of the mirror adds to the elegant first impression. The tiles were carefully combined to afford a sense of beauty and endurance.
Every element from the smallest detail to the largest decision has been well considered & chosen for the pleasure and luxury of the owners to enjoy this special calming personal space.

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