Alexandra House project

Alexandra House

The owners, a professional couple desired all the benefits of living in an Auckland apartment but right in the centre of Alexandra. It was the designer’s task to transform this concept architecturally.

The designers brief was to keep within the boundaries of a restrained streamlined design with a minimalist feel while still remaining true to the enthusiasm the owners have for their favorite pastime, experimenting with fresh food & new recipes.

To achieve this the kitchen furniture is a study in contrasts of veneer directions and white worktops balanced by sharp glossy white cabinetry, white textured tiles, and of course Stainless Steel was the metal of choice for the exposed appliances. Ample storage space was maximized thanks to concealed internal drawers and positioning of all dishes & utensils at point of use, allowing both partners to have their own work stations while preparing a meal together.

The kitchen was reduced to its essence and is characterised by the client’s desire to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated, while pursuing the ultimate in quality and detail. The result is a kitchen that integrates itself into its surroundings that are fundamentally made of straight horizontal & vertical lines creating a elegant and balanced atmosphere.


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Alexandra kitchen design
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Alexandra kitchen design